May 31, 2024


isayamax個展「CASKET」西武池袋本店 / 2024/5/22(水)〜28(火)

isayamax Solo Exhibition ‘CASKET’ at Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store / May 22 (Wednesday) to May 28 (Tuesday), 2024


We held a solo exhibition at Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store. It was our first time exhibiting in a department store, and it allowed us to showcase our work in a different atmosphere than usual.


As a special bonus for attendees, we offered cards and stickers as gifts.


‘CASKET’ means ‘jewelry box’ in British English. This exhibition was like a ‘best hits album,’ combining the concepts of series I have created in the past. Therefore, I titled it ‘CASKET’ to represent a ‘jewelry box’ where sparkling artworks are gathered.


This time, I also created artworks inspired by antique frames.


Additionally, I featured remakes of artworks from my days as an illustrator, as well as pieces inspired by Fukusuke dolls.


I also created new artworks inspired by manga backgrounds and screentone textures.


This time, being in a department store setting allowed me to interact with art gallery and external sales department personnel. I also had the opportunity to greet customers whom I don’t usually get to meet, providing a fresh experience. Thank you very much!


70年代SF少女漫画をアイデアソースとした「RED EYES」や「ESP」シリーズ、浮世絵美人画のサンプリング、サンリオとのコラボシリーズ、日本のカワイイ文化を圧縮した「DECORUME」シリーズ、キラキラマークに抽象化した「GINGIRAGIN」シリーズなど、それぞれのパーソナリティーを謳歌するときめきにあふれたジェンダーワールドを余す所なく表現しています。今回の個展は音楽アルバムで言うところのベスト盤となる個展となります。

Event Overview

isayamax Solo Exhibition “CASKET” at Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store

  • Date: May 22 (Wednesday) – May 28 (Tuesday), 2024
  • Venue: 6th Floor (Central B7) = Art Space

Since making their debut in 2021, isayamax has transitioned from the stage of illustration to contemporary art, exploring numerous series inspired by girl culture. These include “RED EYES” and “ESP,” drawing from 1970s SF shoujo manga, as well as series sampling ukiyo-e beauty prints, collaborations with Sanrio, the compression of Japan’s cute culture in the “DECORUME” series, and the abstracted “GINGIRAGIN” series featuring sparkling motifs. Each series celebrates its own personality in a gendered world brimming with excitement.

This exhibition, akin to a best-of album in music, will showcase a culmination of these themes. “CASKET,” meaning ‘jewelry box’ in British English, symbolizes these artworks as jewels for isayamax, surrounded by sparkling pieces that illuminate a dark world, inviting viewers to experience stepping into a jewelry box.

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